L'Éveil de Pont-Audemer
After a nose operation, Charly's life had become unbearable
Mar 21, 2024
On January 3, 2024, this 30-year-old father ended his life... he describes in detail his last months of suffering caused by a syndrome little known to the general public
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New York Post
Inside my son’s ‘nasal cripple’ nightmare: ‘Felt like a plastic bag over his head’
Oct 5, 2023 Joyce Cohen, Eugene B Kern
Chris Supalla, tossing and turning with a stuffy nose, was advised by several doctors that a simple nasal surgery could help him get some rest — but afterward, he lost more than sleep.
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Simple nose surgery turned into a nightmare [Dutch - Translate]
Jul 30, 2023
Daughter Anna (25) is now setting up an aid campaign: “I want to do everything for my mom”
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Could Michael Jackson’s Health Issues Have Been Linked to Empty Nose Syndrome?
Apr 6, 2023
one theory that has gained some traction in recent years is that Jackson may have suffered from ENS, which could have contributed to his breathing problems and the need for multiple surgeries on his n...
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James Skinner’s health left to his own devices
Jun 22, 2022 Wendy Elliott, James Skinner
James eventually got into see one of the few experts in his condition Dr. Andrew Thamboo in Vancouver. As an amazing bonus, a well-known Stanford University ENS researcher
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Haifa Doctors Confess: Patients Are Pushed to Get Unneeded Surgery, and the Damage Is Devastating
Jun 12, 2020
Overall, an overly open nose tends to be dysfunctional. When air enters unchecked, the nervous system is affected and the brain interprets it as respiratory difficulty
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Can't breathe the air, the smell becomes dull? 8 symptoms may be "empty nose" [Chinese - Translate]
Oct 13, 2019
Patients with suspected empty nose should be carefully diagnosed and given psychological support
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Webcam model left struggling with a rare breathing condition
Apr 25, 2019
The rare condition leaves sufferers unable to sense the air coming in and out of their nasal passages, leading to side effects including anxiety, breathlessness and a decrease in confidence.
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Columbus Alive
Helling Yeah! at Natalie’s
Jan 25, 2019 Joel Oliphint
All proceeds from the album will go to fund research and awareness of Empty Nose Syndrome, a condition that pushed Helling past the brink.
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How Could Routine Nasal Surgery Increase Risk for Anxiety and Suicide?
Dec 21, 2018 Joseph Mercola
Imagine feeling like you're suffocating every minute of the day. No matter how big a breath you take, you still feel like you can't get enough air. This is the reality for people suffering from empty ...
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This Scary Condition Makes You Feel Like You're Suffocating—and It's Caused By Surgery
Dec 7, 2018 Kasandra Brabaw
If too much of the tissue is removed, however, it can fundamentally alter the way air flows through your nose.
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Huffington Post
My Surgeon Left Me With A Nightmarish Condition And Others Are At Risk Too
Dec 3, 2018 Barbara Schmidt
I wound up suffocating and feeling hungry for air every minute of every day for the next 20 years
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How an honorable discharge led to a life of pain for a WWII vet
Nov 12, 2018 Len Ackland
Surgical procedures in the 1940s were “done rather crudely compared to today.” Today, he said, Jack’s condition would be called “empty nose syndrome.”
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NBC - Megyn Kelly TODAY
A condition called empty nose syndrome left this woman struggling to breathe
Aug 30, 2018 Subinoy Das, Barbara Schmidt
After the second surgery, she had trouble breathing. Schmidt was diagnosed with empty nose syndrome, a condition that creates a sensation of being unable to breathe.
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UK Daily Mirror
Mum tells of 'nightmare' living with 'same nose condition Michael Jackson suffered with'
Jul 16, 2018 Amber Hicks
A mother has told of her 'nightmare' living with Empty Nose Syndrome - the same condition Michael Jackson is said to have suffered with before he died.
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New York Post
My nightmare condition makes me feel like I’m constantly suffocating
Jul 12, 2018 Joyce Cohen, Barbara Schmidt
Now, Schmidt says, she constantly has to remind herself to take breaths — and when she does draw in air, it feels as if she’s “breathing through a straw.’’
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An Empty Nose Syndrome Patient's Life [Chinese - Translate]
May 28, 2018
Because the symptoms are mostly functional and difficult to diagnose, many patients are misunderstood as lazy or mentally ill, and many patients even become extremely depressed.
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People.com - Health
Texas Mother Suffers from Rare Empty Nose Syndrome
Mar 29, 2018 Joyce Cohen
“These outliers are absolutely devastated,” Dr. Das tells PEOPLE. “Even though this surgery is very helpful for making people breathe better, it does come with rare, catastrophic risks.”
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Olympus Stem Cells Pty Ltd Offers Stem Cells for symptoms of ENS
Mar 7, 2018
The disease process affects the maxillary division of the trigeminal cranial nerves and the use of stem cells is aimed at re-establishing a normal neural pathway.
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Columbus Alive
Third annual rock show to celebrate the life of Brett Helling
Jan 24, 2018 Joel Oliphint
Spreading the word about ENS was Helling’s dying wish. “This disease is very real, is untreatable, yet 100 percent preventable,” he wrote before he died.
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