The Rhinoplasty Podcast - Season 4, Episode 3
The Taiwanese ENS Experience with Dr. Tony Chiu
Jan 25, 2024
Empty Nose Syndrome - My Theory & How to Fix it
Dec 9, 2023
Empty Nose Syndrome is a complex and confusing problem caused by old operations on the nasal turbinates {when they are removed completely).
McGovern Medical School
Diagnosis and Repair of ENS in a Physician
Nov 9, 2023
Dr. Sapsowitz had empty nose syndrome (ENS), which occurs when physicians remove too much nasal tissue during surgery, causing nasal airflow disruption.
Current Otorhinolaryngology Reports
Empty Nose Syndrome as an Iatrogenic Condition from Surgery
Oct 23, 2023 Andrew Thamboo
This review explores the significance and role that surgery plays in the development of ENS.
Journal Article
New York Post
Inside my son’s ‘nasal cripple’ nightmare: ‘Felt like a plastic bag over his head’
Oct 5, 2023 Joyce Cohen, Eugene B Kern
Chris Supalla, tossing and turning with a stuffy nose, was advised by several doctors that a simple nasal surgery could help him get some rest — but afterward, he lost more than sleep.
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The Laryngoscope
Evaluation of Post-Intervention Outcomes in Patients with Empty Nose Syndrome
Sep 26, 2023 Do Hyun Kim, Sung Won Kim, Mohammed Abdullah Basurrah, Se Hwan Hwang
OBJECTIVES: To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of published articles to assess the impact of inferior turbinate/meatus augmentation in patients diagnosed with empty nose syndrome (ENS). ...
Journal Article
The Laryngoscope
The Serpentine Sign: A Reliable Endoscopic and Radiographic Finding in Empty Nose Syndrome
Sep 13, 2023 Sachi S Dholakia, David Grimm, Rachel Daum, Dawn T Bravo, Nicole Salvi, David Zarabanda, Jonathan B Overdevest, Andrew Thamboo, Tsuguhisa Nakayama, Jayakar V Nayak
OBJECTIVE: Empty nose syndrome (ENS) is a relatively uncommon disease that greatly impacts the quality of life and presents diagnostic challenges. We sought to identify objective clinical findings uni...
Journal Article
International Forum Of Allergy & Rhinology
A 3-year follow-up study after nasal reconstruction surgery in patients with empty nose syndrome
Aug 24, 2023 Chien-Chia Huang, Pei-Wen Wu, Chi-Che Huang, Po-Hung Chang, Chia-Hsiang Fu, Ta-Jen Lee
Empty nose syndrome (ENS) is characterized by a patent nasal airway and a sense of nasal obstruction. ENS and psychological symptoms improved after surgery and remained stable for up to three years. I...
Journal Article
Empty Nose Syndrome / Iatrogenic Nasal Dysfunction
Aug 6, 2023
Simple nose surgery turned into a nightmare [Dutch - Translate]
Jul 30, 2023
Daughter Anna (25) is now setting up an aid campaign: “I want to do everything for my mom”
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Airflow simulation of nasal cavity - Empty Nose Syndrome case
Jul 16, 2023
A patient makes a 3d model of his nasal cavity with CFD software. We can see that almost all the airflow passes through the middle meatus
Ear, Nose, & Throat Journal - , Page 1455613231185022
An Updated Review on Atrophic Rhinitis and Empty Nose Syndrome
Jul 14, 2023 Ibrahim Ali Sumaily, Nouf Adel Hakami, Anwar Dhawi Almutairi, Abdulrahman Abdullah Alsudays, Ebrahim Mohammed Abulqusim, Mohammed Maki Abualgasem, Abdulrahman Ahmad Alghulikah, Abdulrahman Awad Alserhani
Objective: Atrophic rhinitis (AR) is a rare clinical condition affecting the nasal mucosa. It is characterized by progressive nasal congestion and thick, bothersome nasal secretions. In this narrative...
Journal Article
Empty Nose Syndrome, Evidence Based Proposals for Inferior Turbinate Management
May 23, 2023 Eugene B Kern, Oren Friedman
The first publication devoted entirely to management of this potentially devastating syndrome, Empty Nose Syndrome: Evidence Based Proposals for Inferior Turbinate Management takes a comprehensive, st...
YouTube - Hey Babe! Podcast
Empty Nose Syndrome with Ashley Gavin
May 22, 2023
Sal Vulcano, Chris Distefano, and Ashley Gavin discuss ENS on their podcast
Rhinoplasty 101: What is Empty Nose Syndrome
May 15, 2023
Dr. Shervin Aminpour, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, on ENS
International Journal Of Medical Sciences - Volume 20 Issue 7, Page 951-957
Utility of Serum Interleukine-6 Level in Empty Nose Syndrome
May 15, 2023 Hsiang-An Hsueh, Ta-Jen Lee, Chi-Che Huang, Po-Huang Chang, Chia-Hsiang Fu
Objectives: Empty nose syndrome (ENS), a complication resulting from surgical procedures on turbinate tissue, is characterized by paradoxical nasal obstruction with wide nasal airways. Patients with E...
Journal Article
Matt Kiebach's story of ENS
Apr 23, 2023
Testimonial Video
Could Michael Jackson’s Health Issues Have Been Linked to Empty Nose Syndrome?
Apr 6, 2023
one theory that has gained some traction in recent years is that Jackson may have suffered from ENS, which could have contributed to his breathing problems and the need for multiple surgeries on his n...
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McGovern Medical School
Diagnosis and Management in a 34-Year-Old Patient
Apr 4, 2023
Dr. Citardi is among a handful of rhinologists who treat ENS patients. “Data measuring the prevalence of ENS after turbinate surgery are limited"
Korean Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery - Volume 66 Issue 4, Pages 268-272
A Case of Empty Nose Syndrome Developed After Septal Spur Removal [Korean]
Apr 1, 2023 Yong-ju Jang, Chol Ho Shin   Download
We recently experienced a case of ENS developed after septal spur removal without turbinate reduction, which has not previously been reported in the literature.
Journal Article