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Empty Nose Syndrome: When A Routine Nose Surgery Goes Wrong
May 29, 2022 Brent Senior, James Skinner
Those affected are left in a constant feeling of suffocation – and there’s no cure. An ENS sufferer describes his experience living with the condition.
Audio Interview
Behavior of an Empty Nose Syndrome Patient
Dec 29, 2021 James Donald
Often times doctor jumping and multiple surgeries are given as evidence that empty nose syndrome is a psychological disorder. In this video I explain why I performed this behavior (I was desperate for...
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Good Cells
How does ENS affect the nervous system?
Dec 28, 2021
ENS is a type of injury, the loss of an important piece of tissue in the architecture of the nose and therefore the loss of vital functions of the nose. As a result of trauma, the body of a patient wi...
World Journal of Stem Cells
Empty nose syndrome pathogenesis and cell-based biotechnology products as a new option for treatment
Aug 13, 2021   Download
We outline existing biomaterial for surgical reconstitution of nasal anatomy and discuss the perspective of stem cell-based technologies in ENS management
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Atrophic Rhinitis: From the Voluptuary Nasal Pathology to the Empty Nose Syndrome
Aug 26, 2020 Stefano Di Girolamo
Describes in detail the latest diagnostic tools, such as the innovative computational fluid-dynamics studies, nasal cytology, trigeminal stimulation tests, olfactometry, subjective questionnaires
Haifa Doctors Confess: Patients Are Pushed to Get Unneeded Surgery, and the Damage Is Devastating
Jun 12, 2020
Overall, an overly open nose tends to be dysfunctional. When air enters unchecked, the nervous system is affected and the brain interprets it as respiratory difficulty
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ENS Victim | Dory's Story
Apr 14, 2020
Mere months after undergoing what wsas supposed to be a routine nasal surgery, 57-year-old first-time grandmother-to-be Dory Lodge took her own life following an accelerated battle with horrifying ENS...
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High Authority of Health
Prevention, diagnosis and management of ENS in the event of surgery for nasal obstruction - Scoping note [French - Translate]
Apr 1, 2020   Download
HAS has included in its work program the development of a recommendation of good practice on the theme of prevention, diagnosis and management of empty nose syndrome
Facial Plastic Surgery
Functionally Crippled Nose
Mar 19, 2020
A variety of surgical interventions can also result in a functionally crippled nose and diagnoses including nasal valve stenosis, septal perforations, and empty nose syndrome are discussed
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Distinct Histopathology Characteristics in Empty Nose Syndrome
Mar 3, 2020
The nasal mucosa of ENS experienced some airway remodeling and thermoreceptors downregulation, which contribute to clinical symptoms. The distinct histology of ENS included preserved respiratory epith...
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International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology
The cotton test redistributes nasal airflow in patients with empty nose syndrome
Jan 17, 2020 Andrew Thamboo, Jayakar V Nayak, Kai Zhao, Sam McGhee, Chengyu Li
Objective CFD assessment confirmed that the cotton test not only increases nasal resistance, but also restores airflow distribution to the inferior meatus in symptomatic ENS patients.
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Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery
Inferior Meatus Augmentation Procedure (IMAP) to Treat Empty Nose Syndrome: A Pilot Study
Jan 14, 2020
Inferior Meatus Augmentation can dramatically improve the quality of life of ENS patients regarding both ENS-specific symptoms and psychological well-being.
Journal Article
Breathable: A Line for Sufferers of Empty Nose Syndrome
Dec 26, 2019
Prof. Roy Landsberg of ARM Medical Center and Aaron Noble, an American biotechnology engineer, have perfected the method and developed a porous material implant that is shaped like a turbinate
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Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America
Management of Postsurgical Empty Nose Syndrome
Nov 1, 2019 Jayakar V Nayak, Jason Talmadge, W Yao, Martin Citardi
Current data show promising long-term efficacy after surgical intervention. Postprocedural ENS is best prevented by minimizing inferior and middle turbinate tissue loss.
Journal Article
Can't breathe the air, the smell becomes dull? 8 symptoms may be "empty nose" [Chinese - Translate]
Oct 13, 2019
Patients with suspected empty nose should be carefully diagnosed and given psychological support
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American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures and Provocative Testing in the Workup of Empty Nose Syndrome-Advances in Diagnosis: A Systematic Review
Oct 8, 2019 Jayakar V Nayak, Mena Said, Travis T Tollefson, Toby O Steele, Amarbir S Gill, E Bradley Strong
Although ENS is still considered a controversial diagnosis plagued by a lack of standardized diagnostic criteria, ENS is increasingly becoming recognized as a legitimate, physiologic disease entity.
Journal Article
What drives depression in empty nose syndrome? A Sinonasal Outcome Test-25 subdomain analysis.
Sep 10, 2019 Chi-Che Huang, Chia-Hsiang Fu, Po-Hung Chang, Ching-Lung Wu, Ta-Jen Lee   Download
Empty nose syndrome (ENS) is a debilitating disorder... Surgery improved disease-specific and psychological symptoms... Targeted symptom improvement could reduce the psychological burden.
Journal Article
Mike Smallwood talks about ENS
Sep 2, 2019
The name is ridiculous but the condition is torture, causing people to lose the ability to feel air in their sinuses, causing a feeling of suffocation.
Nitric Oxide : Biology And Chemistry - Aug 2019, Volume 92 Issue , Page 55-59
Nasal nitric oxide in relation to psychiatric status of patients with empty nose syndrome
Aug 10, 2019 Chia-Hsiang Fu, Ching-Lung Wu, Chi-Che Huang, Po-Hung Chang, Yi-Wei Chen, Ta-Jen Lee
Nasal nitric oxide may be a novel biomarker and the first objective one for assessing improvements post surgical treatment in ENS patients.
Journal Article
Current Opinion In Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery - Aug 2019, Volume 27 Issue 4, Page 237-242
Update on empty nose syndrome: disease mechanisms, diagnostic tools, and treatment strategies
Aug 1, 2019 Amarbir S Gill, Mena Said, Travis T Tollefson, Toby O Steele
Journal Article