Use of intranasal submucosal fillers as a transient implant to alter upper airway aerodynamics: Implications for the evaluation of the empty nose syndrome [Greek - Translate]
Feb 6, 2019 Alexandros Sfakianakis
Transient, focal airway bulking through submucosal filler injection at sites of inferior turbinate tissue loss markedly benefits ENS patients, suggesting that aberrant nasal aerodynamics from inferior...
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YouTube - ENS: A Matter of Life and Breath
ENS Victim | Scott Gaffer's Story
Jan 31, 2019 Barbara Schmidt
On Sept. 21, 2018, after suffering for years with excruciating Empty Nose Syndrome symptoms, 30-year-old Scott Gaffer took his own life. In this sit-down interview, Scott's grieving mother, Beth, deta...
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Columbus Alive
Helling Yeah! at Natalie’s
Jan 25, 2019 Joel Oliphint
All proceeds from the album will go to fund research and awareness of Empty Nose Syndrome, a condition that pushed Helling past the brink.
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US Institute for Advanced Sinus Care and Research
January 2019 Update
Jan 6, 2019 Subinoy Das
Replacement of PRP with hPL therapy. Rib (costal) cartilage implants mixed with hPL/MatriStem/Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells/multi-vitamins
How Could Routine Nasal Surgery Increase Risk for Anxiety and Suicide?
Dec 21, 2018 Joseph Mercola
Imagine feeling like you're suffocating every minute of the day. No matter how big a breath you take, you still feel like you can't get enough air. This is the reality for people suffering from empty ...
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YouTube - ENS: A Matter of Life and Breath
The Medical Science Behind ENS
Dec 16, 2018 Barbara Schmidt
ENS Victim Advocate Barbara Schmidt discusses the medical science behind ENS, which is an iatrogenic disorder resulting from sinus and nasal-related surgeries in which the turbinates are affected.
Cases of empty nose syndrome are on the increase [Italian - Translate]
Dec 10, 2018 Antonella Petris
Very annoying for the patient who is affected, the syndrome is growing in the western world due to the increase in functional and aesthetic surgery.
This Scary Condition Makes You Feel Like You're Suffocating—and It's Caused By Surgery
Dec 7, 2018 Kasandra Brabaw
If too much of the tissue is removed, however, it can fundamentally alter the way air flows through your nose.
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Huffington Post
My Surgeon Left Me With A Nightmarish Condition And Others Are At Risk Too
Dec 3, 2018 Barbara Schmidt
I wound up suffocating and feeling hungry for air every minute of every day for the next 20 years
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How sinus surgery can leave patients thinking they’re suffocating
Dec 3, 2018 Andrew Findley
r Barbara Schmidt describes as “a totally avoidable, physician-induced deformity resulting in an as-of-yet incurable and debilitating condition.”
YouTube - ENS: A Matter of Life and Breath
What Is ENS? An Introduction to Empty Nose Syndrome
Dec 1, 2018 Barbara Schmidt
ENS Victim Advocate Barbara Schmidt provides an overview of #ENS (or #EmptyNoseSyndrome), which is an iatrogenic disorder resulting from sinus and nasal-related surgeries in which the #turbinates are ...
International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology
Computational fluid dynamics after endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery—possible empty nose syndrome in the context of middle turbinate resection
Nov 29, 2018 Guillermo Maza , Chengyu Li, Jillian Krebs, Bradley A Otto, Alexander Farag, Ricardo Carrau
These results suggest that turbinectomy and/or posterior septectomy may have a varying functional impact and that ENS symptoms go beyond anatomy and correlate with aerodynamic changes.
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How an honorable discharge led to a life of pain for a WWII vet
Nov 12, 2018 Len Ackland
Surgical procedures in the 1940s were “done rather crudely compared to today.” Today, he said, Jack’s condition would be called “empty nose syndrome.”
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What to know about Empty Nose Syndrome [French - Translate]
Sep 12, 2018
Empty nose syndrome is a rare disorder affecting the nose and nasal passages. People with this condition will have clear, normal-looking nasal passages, but they will experience a wide range of sympto...
NBC - Megyn Kelly TODAY
A condition called empty nose syndrome left this woman struggling to breathe
Aug 30, 2018 Subinoy Das
After the second surgery, she had trouble breathing. Schmidt was diagnosed with empty nose syndrome, a condition that creates a sensation of being unable to breathe.
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Modern Nose Clinic
Empty Nose Syndrome
Jul 19, 2018 Douglas Skarada
This is intended for patients and providers who would like to learn more about Empty Nose Syndrome. Any patients considering nasal surgery of this risk before they make their decision.
UK Daily Mirror
Mum tells of 'nightmare' living with 'same nose condition Michael Jackson suffered with'
Jul 16, 2018 Amber Hicks
A mother has told of her 'nightmare' living with Empty Nose Syndrome - the same condition Michael Jackson is said to have suffered with before he died.
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New York Post
My nightmare condition makes me feel like I’m constantly suffocating
Jul 12, 2018 Joyce Cohen
Now, Schmidt says, she constantly has to remind herself to take breaths — and when she does draw in air, it feels as if she’s “breathing through a straw.’’
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The Letter of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology - No. 353 June 2018
Empty nose syndrome: study of aerodynamic turbulence and trigeminal functions of nasal fossae [French - Translate]
Jul 8, 2018 Wissame Bakkouri
A preliminary study of 6 patients with an empty nose syndrome (SNV) had shown, thanks to fluid dynamics, that a reduction in the size of the inferior turbinates (CI) did not necessarily lead to an inc...
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Archives of Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery
Empty Nose Syndrome: When the Nose Is Worse After Surgery
Jun 6, 2018 Murray Grossan   Download
When the nose is widely open, air currents no longer reach the sensors to tell the respiratory system that air is coming in. In addition, the pressure of the air reaching the lower respiratory system...
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