Empty Nose Syndrome International Association
ENSIA Newsletter May 2017
May 30, 2017 Christopher Martin
June is ENS Awareness Month - June 10th is ENS Awareness Day! Like many chronic ailments, there are often efforts by organizations and people to raise awareness and receive proper recognition for thei...
The Ohio State University - Wexner Medical Center
Research into Nasal Plug effect on ENS
May 17, 2017 Kai Zhao
Turbinate Reduction Surgery
May 3, 2017
I wanted to make a video to tell people to be really really careful with sinus surgery.
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Nasal Hyaluronic Acid Injection Treatment for Nasal Syndrome [Turkish - Translate]
May 1, 2017 Murat Enöz
Patients complaining of empty nose syndrome often complain of nasal obstruction, too dry with a feeling of nasal obstruction, cold air can not be inhaled and a satisfactory nasal breath can not be bre...
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Empty Nose Syndrome International Association
ENSIA Newsletter April 2017
Apr 26, 2017 Christopher Martin
One of the most challenging aspects of managing a complex, misunderstood condition such as ENS is determining what to do about it.
Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland Cures - 4: Knowing the Nose
Apr 21, 2017 Steven M Houser, Joanne Parrino Cahill, Lynne Thompson, Terry Troy
Dr. Steven Houser met the patient who would change the course of his career in the mid-1990s, as a third-year otolaryngology resident at Cleveland Clinic.
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Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction: How I Got Empty Nose Syndrome
Apr 14, 2017
He cut out my turbinates, he assaulted the aerodynamic-facilitating turbinate conchal bones braking them, he cut out my septum and, the tip of my nose/face.
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The Laryngoscope - Apr 2017, Volume Issue , Page
Investigating hyperventilation syndrome in patients suffering from empty nose syndrome
Apr 13, 2017 Francoise Zerah-Lancner, Daniel Isabey, Bruno Louis, Serge Adnot, Jean-François Papon, Laurent Boyer, Marie Devars du Mayne, David Mangin, André Coste, Emilie Béquignon
Our results show that ENS was associated with HVS in 77.3% of the patients in our study population. This is the first time that such an association has been identified.
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Health Zone Turkey
Hyaluronic Acid Gel Injection To The Inferior Turbitane For The Treatment Of Empty Nose Syndrome
Apr 7, 2017 Murat Enöz
an increase in the volume of abnormal air space in the nose, the arrival of the air in the lungs without being affected by moisture, heating and filtration, and structural changes with loss of moistu...
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Hyaluronic Acid and Nasal Meal Filling in Treatment of Nasal Syndrome [Turkish]
Apr 6, 2017 Murat Enöz
Woman likely killed herself after nose operation brought constant pain and mental health problem
Apr 5, 2017
The treatment cost her 4,000 yuan, and it included removing part of the turbinate, a thin bony plate inside the nose.
Death Legal
Sinus And Snoring Specialists
ENS – how to prevent it and what to do if you have it already
Apr 5, 2017
These patients have congestion, nasal dryness, nasal and sinus pressure, and constant sinus infections that fail to respond to medical therapy
Empty Nose Syndrome International Association
ENSIA Newsletter March 2017
Mar 31, 2017 Christopher Martin
The reality is many of us are sick and are dealing with a very debilitating condition, so we need to support and be careful not to judge one another.
The Laryngoscope - Mar 2017, Volume Issue , Page
Defining surgical criteria for empty nose syndrome: Validation of the office-based cotton test and clinical interpretability of the validated Empty Nose Syndrome 6-Item Questionnaire
Mar 27, 2017 Andrew Thamboo, Nathalia Velasquez, Al-Rahim R Habib, David Zarabanda, Hassan Paknezhad, Jayakar V Nayak
This follow-up study demonstrates that the cotton test is a highly reproducible, objective test to selectively discriminate patients suffering from ENS that should be considered for surgical augmentat...
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This strange syndrome 'Of the empty nose' which causes people to commit suicide [French - Translate]
Mar 24, 2017
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The Laryngoscope
Computational fluid dynamics and trigeminal sensory examinations of empty nose syndrome patients
Mar 9, 2017 Chengyu Li, Alexander Farag, James Leach, Bhakthi Deshpande, Adam Jacobowitz, Kanghyun Kim, Bradley A Otto, Kai Zhao
The results indicated that a combinatory of factors, including paradoxically distorted nasal aerodynamic, impaired sensorineural sensitivity, and potential predisposing conditions, may contribute to t...
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Citrus County Chronicle
Too much air going through nose can be problematic
Mar 6, 2017 Denis Grillo
A large patulous nasal airway results in drying of the nose, and crusting, which arguably is worse than having too much mucus
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Le Journal Des Femmes - Health Medicine
Empty Nose Syndrome - Nose Operations [French - Translate]
Mar 1, 2017
Symptoms include severe dryness of nasal mucosa, nasal pain, difficulty sleeping, severe anxiety or even depression
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Empty Nose Syndrome International Association
ENSIA Newsletter February 2017
Feb 28, 2017 Christopher Martin
Looking ahead, the bottom line is more compelling, data-driven, peer-reviewed research detailing ENS is needed. Dr. Nayak has published research on his ENS6Q and the cotton test, and he has noted to t...
The Laryngoscope - Feb 2017
Intranasal trigeminal function in patients with empty nose syndrome
Feb 22, 2017 Iordanis Konstantinidis, Evangelia Tsakiropoulou, Angelos Chatziavramidis, Christos Ikonomidis, Konstantinos Markou
This study demonstrates significantly impaired intranasal trigeminal function in ENS patients when compared with ITR patients and controls.
Journal Article